About Me

Senior CTO, Developer, and Scrum Master, always eager to learn and apply the best



Hello, my name is María Antignolo.

I'm a web developer and project leader constantly upgrading and adding experience.
I've managed national and international teams of up to 8 persons for local and remote projects receiving up to 100 thousand visits.
I develop mainly in OpenSource agile environments, having a good knowledge of the entire project flow, strategy, R&D, Back-end & Front-end coding languages, frameworks, hybrid (Android,iPhone, iPad) APPs development, REST APIs and more.
One of my dreams is getting a remote job enabling me to travel helping NGOs while contributing to great projects.
I've also worked as an Agile coach for marketing studios and IT groups, and as a Carrer Coach, helping great people to get their first jobs.


I was born in Vic, Barcelona (Spain). I've spent a good percentage of the road living abroad.
Though initially I studied multimedia design, wich has been of good service during my carreer afterwards, I switched fast to IT.
Started when PHP was still a puppy and growed along with it, adding good skills in other coding languages, project management, scrum, agile, coaching, and some other usefull related tools to my box.
I keep investigating the best possible way to handle tasks with the latest available tech adapted to each project's environment and constraints, and I  enjoy every minute of it.


My main hobby is easy to guess... I love learning.
To refresh my mind and open perspectives, I like practising sports or bellydance, and board games.
I'm a member of the spanish archery federation.
I also enjoy playing billiards, poker, mmorpg, board games., having fun with my nephews, and doing monkey things.
Whenever I have a chance, I try to flirt with cinema and radio, usually during my holidays. Could go on with the list, but I think this summary is enough.